Saturday, 29 January 2011

Cat Dog!! =]

CatDog was a quality cartoon. Based on two conjoined twins, one being a cat and one being a dog.
The characters' personalities were pretty spot on aswell.
The dog was fairly dim but very energetic whilst the cat was very selfish and very stubborn.
Enjoy the video guys and girls =]

Doogle Demands you figure out how CatDog went to the toilet! 

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Samurai Jack

Now i know this cartoon isn't from the 90's. It was first broadcast on cartoon network in 2001 and was taken off air in 2004 (thumbs down). I still believe it is one of the most unique cartoons I have ever seen. Adults and children enjoyed the many adventures of Jack the samurai lost in time. 
The plots of individual episodes range from dark and epic to light-hearted and comic, but typically follow Jack, a time-displaced samurai warrior, in his singular quest to find a method of traveling back in time. Many of the battle scenes in the series are reminiscent of samurai films, and since Jack's robotic enemies "bleed" oil or electricity and monsters and aliens bleed slime or goo, the series is able to exhibit the action of these films while avoiding censorship for violence.

Doogle Demands that you enjoy one of the greatest cartoons of all time...

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Now this has to be one of my favourite cartoons...

Courage the Cowardly Dog is a cartoon for kids, but really freaky kids. Village of the Damned kids. It's Lassie on mescaline, The X-Files with fewer flashlights, or in other words, terrific for adults. I guess this makes me one of the "freaky" kids but im very sure that there are many of you out there who will agree that it is one of the best. Wether an adult or a "freaky" kid. 

Courage is an overly frightened dog who lives in the middle of nowhere with his owners Muriel Bagg and husband Eustace. He was abandoned as a puppy and found by Muriel. Ever since being taken to nowhere he has done nothing but protect his owners from all sorts of different kinds of evils. Often almost dying to protect the household. Ironic that his name is Courage when he is probably the biggest "wimp" of the canine world. Which is probably the reason why he is such a loveable character, putting his own well-being on the line for his owners, no matter how frightened he may be. 

Doogle Demands that you watch the video and take some tips on how to be utterly LOVEABLE!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Is this your dad? (just for lolz)

Doogle Demands we find this man and shake his hand with one hand firmly protecting our "anus"

Monday, 17 January 2011

Hi from the fishbowl :)

Hey guys just letting you know im gonna be blogging about the forgotten cartoons of the 80s - 90s babies like myself. So if you have any suggestions leave them in a comment!! :)

much love

SuperFish :)